If your TWIN FLAME or SOULMATE is negative possessed by Dark Ones

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If your TWIN FLAME or SOULMATE is negative possessed by Dark Ones

If your TWIN FLAME or SOULMATE is negative possessed by Dark Ones

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Recently, as I was in a reading, I was, as so often, completely overwhelmed by a clairvoyant vision. I saw the soul plane and the life of a young man (who I know personally ) who according to my knowledge never had luck with all his countless intimate partners and who was very unhappy with his love life.

Lets call him Emanuel. I looked at Emanuel, I looked at his long journey as an incarnated star-soul, I looked at his existence as an incarnated light-warrior who was on here on planet Earth to carry out important missions. Emanuel was here without his twin flame. His twin flame is a beautiful, feminine angel of heaven, let’s call her Luana.


So, in my clairvoyant vision, I looked at Emanuel’s soul plane…

…and there I saw him being (unhappily) together with a karmic partner, but for fear of total loneliness he clung to her. At that moment his twin-flame Luana appeared to him out of the worlds of light, infinitely loving, radiant, floating upon him, she wanted to hug him, to heal him, to love him, to be there for him and to return FINALLY into his life. Emanuel turned to her, trembling with happiness, full of joy and his heart, as well as Luana’s heart chakra was shining in pure, golden bliss and true love, the holy twin flame reunion was beginning to take place But just then, just before embracing and reuniting,

Emanuel’s negative, inner possessions in the form of negative entities (they looked reptilian – like) began to arise, they could not endure the pure light and the high love energies of that twin flame reunion and they began to rise like angry, barking, biting „dogs“ (that’s what it looked like), attacking energetically, attacking Luana, which turned out to be a total nightmare, they attacked Luana so badly until she left Emanuel, sad and totally horrified. Her soul disappeared again completely in the realms of light, leaving Emanuel all alone.



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Emanuel, who had no clue of his own inner dark and negative possessions due to his ego and who had not even noticed the completely foreign energetical attacks,

…. was now lonely again and again left there, he did not understand, why Luana had disappeared, he no longer understood why true love never seems to happen for him and at that moment his inner negative beings and dark possessions forced him back to his old way of negative lifestyle, back to his old karmic partner, who was also almost completely possessed by dark negative beings because of her negative lifestyle ( possessions can take place very, very easily, for example through drug and / or alcohol consumption, or by watching horror or porn movies and as strange as that sounds, but such movies create negative, energetical GATEWAYS into negative and extremely dark dimensions, where those dark entities reside and wait to possess body and flesh here on planet earth ).


Sighing and shrugging, Emanuel turned back to his karmic partner, his inner, negative beings and possessions rejoicing, as they now could A) reunite with the dark, negative, inner beings of the karmic partner, and B) they had very successfully prevented the twin flame reunion for as this kind of holy reunion could have destroyed and removed the dark negative beings forever!


On the outside Emanuel thought that his beloved twin flame, his true love had left him forever, but the truth was that his own dark, inner possessions that had played him here like a puppet, parasitizing his soul had attacked and chased his twin-flame away in order to survive.

Since living with a karmic partner can be very unfulfilling, Emanuel’s inner possessions knew he would now again numb himself with cigarettes and alcohol as usual in order to fill up the inner emptiness of the missing twin flame, which, in return, would cause his inner possessions to remain in him and thus they could continue to totally control him just by using his EGO and his negative, free will.




The clairvoyant vision ended and I quietly asked the angels why they had shown me this vision in the middle of the reading?

The angels asked me to A) to help and to save Emanuel from a distance, since his soul had called for help, he was known to me from past lifes and he was unable to liberate himself and B) they wanted me to make Emanuel’s story available to the public, so that people would finally understand exactly what dark, negative beings and inner possessions where doing to their love, like they have done if for millennia against LOVE and against the twinflame reunion, since the age of Atlantis and they are still doing it until today, since planet earth is not free and not liberated yet. I promised the angels to do so and so here you will find my report.


Of course I helped Emanuel from afar and of course, I will soon talk about more dark possessions and how they destroy relationships and how they traumatize you and your loved ones.



Sending you lots of LOVE


from the Canary Islands.


Yours Laila Santini.

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