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About Laila Santini

I am a clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient, emphatic channel medium from Berlin who offers to help clients dealing with problems, life crises and sorrows using my gift during sessions of soul therapy .

I have had this gift from an early age, it was passed on me through the female lineage of my family. My mother and grandmother have also helped people with their gift. With the help of the gift I will connect with your soul, your scheme of life and give you answers to the most important and urgent questions concerning your life.

I had my first clairvoyant experience at the age of 4. God suddenly and without warning telepathically and through visions and concentrated information explained the world, the cosmos and everything that is as well as my origin and what is going on in the universe to me during a car ride on the motorway.

I still remember this vision clearly, almost as if it was yesterday. I stretched my little body towards the car window and stared into the blue sky above me smilingly discerning the intensive unity with God. I absorbed the information He gave me happily and felt safe and sound, secure and jubilant. This must have impressed me so profoundly and challenged me that from this moment on I unconsciously locked my spiritual gifts away for many years.

Laila Santini - Channelmedium and ClairvoyantAt the age of 13 I got in touch with the books of Thorwald Dethlefsen and from then on things really started for me in terms of spirituality. During the following years my gift slowly and gently opened up. From the moment when I became a vegetarian I re-attained my clairvoyance fully. I was taught and trained by my soul, by God, the archangels and most notably by the Ascended Masters on the soul plane. Along my training I read a lot of esoteric books.

My tasks and challenges came to me in the form of everyday life and its most difficult situations. I went through years of ill health, had to give up my profession as a successful dancer, underwent poverty and lived through emotional pain, loneliness, intense anxieties and depressions. Orthodox medicine had given up on me. Doctors were completely unable to deal with me and were helpless. Psycho therapists wanted to fill me up with antidepressants to sedate the symptoms which were the expression of an origin unknown to them. A range of top physical therapists was also helpless given my medical condition. Even a popular fortune teller whom I sought out couldn’t tell me the reason for my condition and foretold me things that never came true.

With the help of my gift and my clairvoyant friends and relatives I was able to get out of this state and eventually healed myself.

Today I’m helping people in spiritual readings who are living through similar problems as I have at the time and who are troubled by the same everyday-worries, sorrows and anxieties with the help of my gift, my love, empathy and understanding.


How does this work?

Clairvoyance is my God-given gift, the gift of vision. Using this gift I am able to connect with every person, their soul, heart, their angels, spiritual guides and their life. It is irrelevant if this person is alive or already among the deceased. I also don’t need to have any personal contact with the particular person; the mentioning of the forename is enough for me to make contact. I am virtually ‘reading’ every person like a book who is coming to me and asking for help. I’m reading his/her past, his/her present and his/her future. I do not need any means for that like Tarot cards, pendulums etc. I also do not prosecute fortune-telling. You won’t find such things with me as well as you won’t find magical rituals or witchcraft.

In everyday life I am able to blank out my gift, but most of the times it still overwhelms me, be it when I’m on vacation, when I’m falling asleep or anywhere where I’m really relaxed. The spiritual world is constantly sending me information. Just an example:
Recently I went shopping at an organic food store and was strolling relaxedly to the vegetable boxes when a woman passed me who was impatiently dragging a 4-5-year old child behind her. The child and I glanced at each other when all of a sudden I saw her karma and what was coming up to the child in this life flashing in front of my inner eye. I was totally perplexed because I saw a lot of ‘sad’ things even though I shouldn’t judge this as every soul has created its perfect plan in order to be able to evolve in its incarnation on this planet and to resolve its karma and free itself from the illusion of suffering.

Channelmedium Laila SantiniWe create everything ourselves through our thoughts, our words and deeds. Now is the time for us to wake up and take full responsibility for ourselves and our creations.
I am handling my gift very carefully and awestricken and only use it with the explicit approval of every client. I only ‘see’ what the client lets me or rather what his/her soul is willing to show me. Every single person that comes to me and asks for a reading is very close to my heart.


Some Feedbacks from my clients:

Now it feels finally solved and healed...

Hello Laila, I had a wonderful week. Those “ forces” that I always felt, and pushed me into directions I did not like any more, are gone. I enjoy life much more now. I searched for years to solve this, did all kind of therapies; acupuncture, Reiki, pills, meditation, forefathers, psychologist, enneagram, inner child, etc…. But now it feels finally solved and healed. Thank you so much, John from Belgium

Like suddenly an angel is taking care of you...

„Laila has helped me tremendously with her wisdom. You feel like suddenly an angel is taking care of you. Her words made my soul breathe again, her words made me understand the reason of my despair, her words made me believe in my beauty as a human being. Thank you so much!“ Raquel M. from Portugal


About the Soul Sessions:

If you don’t know what to expect during a session, heres a little overview.

So what can I expect of a reading and how is it carried out?

I am offering personal and telephone sessions depending on where the client lives. We?ll agree upon a date and before that you will think of questions you want to ask. When our session begins I will connect with you, your soul, with God and then it just ?take its course?. Your soul has arranged our meeting long before we actually met. I?m making myself available as a channel and when you trust and you?re relaxed you will be receiving profound help.

How many sessions are necessary or recommended from your experience?

It really depends on the client. I’ve had clients who had a reading with me and who got all the help they needed during that session. I also have clients who have to resolve a lot of old and painful things and who were really unwell upon our first encounter and therefore came for weekly sessions of ?soul therapy?. The more they were able to resolve and heal during these sessions, the more independent they became in their spiritual growth and abilities. Now they?re coming approximately once a month but still gladly and continuously.

How can i contact you, Laila?

Sessions are possible either personally or via telephone or video chat on Skype or via eMail Reading. If you wish a video chat, please just send me your Skype name and your favoured date for a session over my contact form. To set a date you re welcome to call me personally or propose a date via my contact form. Often dates are already taken weeks in advance that’s why it’s worth it to set the date early. The sessions are taking place within the same time frame from Monday to Friday between 12 and 6 p.m.